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01 February 2006


yummerooo! i need to stop reading this so far from lunchtime! you are making me hungry, and i'm still trying to lose that baby weight....

ok. i will. lamb is the meat that undid 10 years of vegetarianism for me. I keep meaning to try out Prather, so this recommendation is a perfect excuse.

Prather are grass fed, right? and aged?

If there is one animal bone I can't help nibbling on til its clean, tis a lamb bone. Forget bone marrow, just give me a fatty lamb chop.

Sounds great.....nice and pink!
but, dear Shuna, what is eureka lemon juice??

This is the first time I have ever contemplated lamb for breakfast (not brunch, mind you -- breakfast!).

Of course you nibbled them. It's a payoff for cooking them perfectly. This is especially fun when you tote some little beauties on a picnic. V. Thomasina Jones?

Perfect salad, too. This time of year demands those clean, clear tastes, simply dressed. Eurekas are better than Meyers with those stand-up greens.

I have a personal love affair with lambchops. They are my FAVORITE meat of any kind or cut.

I personally love them just stuck in the broiler for a few minutes on each side.

When I get out to SF I must try Prather :-)


yes they are grass fed and possibly yes on the dry aging. (The beef is both of these things I know for sure.) **And remember, besides the fat, lamb is a lean meat in general...

Melissa Paris--

A eureka lemon is like a Lisbon lemon-- they tend to be the "regular" sour kinds.

mmmm lamb chops for breakfast...a new way of thinking.

ha ha - i dont care - diet be damned - I LOVE lamb fat more than anything, (except duck fat which i love equally)

Hey Sam, what about goose fat? Don't forget the goose!

Oh Shuna, I love it when you talk meaty to me.


Talking to cute cowboys about meat...sounds too good to be true! I love how really nice quality meat only needs salt and pepper.

I'm also a fan of greens, bitter or non. If you cook them, how do you prefer to prepare them?

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