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15 February 2006


If you're into Berkeley Bowl you should definitely check out Monterey Market on the corner of Hopkins and California St. They carry a lot of the same produce (their specialty), are often cheaper, and also easier to get in/out of. There's also a nice meat market half a block East.

This will take me weeks to get through! Thanks for leaving us well fed :) If anyone is looking for good Portland dessert shops I would recommend Pix Patisserie. Very good desserts, wine, relaxed vibe...what more could we want?

Shuna! We must have ESP because I popped by to tell you how much I am LOVING my Ritual ethiopia yrgacheffe coffee (roasted on: 1/16/06) and to thank you for introducing me to this treasure and voila, the first thing I see is a picture of that fabulous latte with the fluttery feather design. A huge merci from this side of he world. Bises et bon anniversaire me chere amie. Laura

Shuna, my dear, you take your time. We'll be here. This is perfectly timed, because I'm headed for New York tonight, so I'll see what I can do with your recommendations. I love the Veselka already. Magnolia is out for me, of course (all that gluten). But I'll go visit your mulberry, for sure.

Good luck with the sorting.

Shuna... On your Word posting. I just now noticed the title. It immediately reminded me of the first time I met Susan and how we talked about hands. Words can be so much like smells, something in them can take you back to a memory so vivid that you can almost swoon with happiness & yet drop upon your knees with grief.

She picked wordfruit from trees and ate with great relish. Your own sensuous appetite, I know, would make her smile...

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