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28 February 2006


I think I have a problem... appliance porn is superceding my love of food porn.

Dammit, shuna!

Is that lettuce in your frying pan?


you are so silly!

well, I guess it could be, but it's escarole, my favorite staple leafy green in the winter. I tend to eat a mixture of it sauteed with the more tender parts raw.

For cooked lettuce, I prefer Romaine though, if you must know.

Hay, yaughta slide a nice cutting board in between the burners there. See how that looks.
Maybe something bambooey.

I had a Wedgewood floor heater once. Not sexy like the stove, alas.

Shuna, even your frying pan handle looks good.

When I was a kid, my mom gave away all the Le Creuset when she broke her foot on the teapot. I've spent my adulthood amassing my own collection.

Will there be a third portrait? Here's hoping...

Ahh, the nostalgia I could bake into sweets wot I had a beauty like yours. The old fashioned girl in me is curling her toes with delight. I would be jelous if I wasn't sure this handsome devil is in such good hands.

Shuna... I like the 300 pixels-- it spurs the belly of interest


Ah, the memories your picture invokes! Warm corners,playing quietly, while the house fills with scents of warm lemons, and cooked celery. A feeling of home. Thanks!

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