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10 March 2006


I am reading this as I eat my breakfast. That is a breakfast of independent award winning St Benoit yoghurt (, topped twice x independent award winning marmalade.

I have just discovered her Page Mandarin marmalade which is a match made in heaven with the yoghurt. They go better together than you could possibly imagine. I think even marmalade naysayers might even think its alright!

I am bummed I can't take one of her classes til our six day weeks at work go away. I secretly hope she does a jam class later in the summer too (as opposed to marmalade).

I don't have easy access to the SF Farmers Market. So the BEST marmalade this side of the Atlantic is the Meyer Lemon marmalade my sib and I make from the lemons on my tree. But we based the recipe on June Taylor's, I admit. The latest batch, with the riper lemons, was so beautifully perfumed on the tongue...heaven! Thanks for the notice about the classes!

I believe June Taylor is the only person who receives the IFFA awards two years in a row!

I gave my award to her last year, for my long time favorite, her candied seville peel in rose geranium syrup.

How wonderful!


Thanks so much for this post -- I immediately signed up for a class! Right now, I have a jar of her gravenstein apple butter in my cupboard just waiting for the right occasion.

Lovely post! These jams sound simply delicious, and June's great care and commitment to her work (which is also art) are inspirational. I just wish I could taste a jam or two!

On a totally unrelated topic, how wonderful to see "The Phantom Tollbooth" on your list of Great Words, as it was my favourite book as a child, not to mention the inspiration behind naming my dog Milo. I'm always amazed and a little saddened when I describe the book to someone and they say they've never heard of it.

Anyway, yours is a lovely blog. I will be returning!

whoa, how cool is that to watch June Taylor herself making her famous preserves! Thank you so much for sharing your great experience with those of us who can't really make it to her classes (I'd definitely love to if I lived in the area)!

We used to buy this at the Oakland Farmer's Market and her quince syrup is just divine.

We're starting to head down to Berkeley again after a long absence. I look forward to hitting the markets again!


I bought a jar of her bergamot marmalade last month when in SF, and it went way too fast. Very special. Can't decide if it's better on Irish soda bread or topping bittersweet chocolate ice cream!

June's meyer lemon and grapefruit marmalade is what turned me into a marmalade lover -- until I tasted that heavenly stuff, I could only remember that treacly-sweet yet awfully bitter stuff my mother loved when I was a child.

Now, I'm never without a couple of jars of June, usually supplemented with a jar or two of Loulou's.

Most recently, I bought two of her syrups, and I can't WAIT to use them on persian faloodeh!

I've not yet had the pleasure of tasting June Taylor's preserves, though I have heard about them. I'm sad that her marmalading classes are full; I'm a self-taught preserve maker, and I would have flown from Seattle for hands-on instruction from her. I hope you'll write about the class! Maybe I'll make it down for conserves this summer...

I've enjoyed what I've read here, and will be back for more. Happy blog birthday!

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