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16 March 2006


At the moment, I am torn between three emotions:

an overwhelming urge for a piece of meat (even though it's 9:50 a.m. here in Toronto)

extreme jealousy that you have access to Fatted Calf products (and I don't being here in Toronto)

happiness at having taken a few minutes before the full-on start of another busy day to read your post

I'm a baker at heart who loves meat too.

Thanks, Shuna!

This was fantastic. I loved your description of the kitchen at The French Laundry. And while I never thought of it before, it makes total sense that pastry cooks would prefer a big piece of nicely salted meat than a fancy little tart when dining out! I love prune-stuffed pork - a match made in heaven. And with sausage? Oh boy.

This post furthur proves my theory that the majority of pastry chefs-except for those who have bailed from the savory side- never learned how to cook meat!
When I worked at Boulevard I took a poll of the pastry dept- and there were many of us- and NONE of us had skills in the meat kitchen. Vegetables, yes. Meat, no (we all vowed to learn). I've met few exceptions!

I am one who bailed from line cooking.

In fact a lot of my desserts owe thir roots and pure inspiration to savoury food.

Yikes, have I offended? I didn't mean to, the pork loin sounds wonderful.

What a great story!


Working in a kitchen is a special kind of doesn't really matter what station you're at, good food never fails to make your mouth water. Part of me is glad I'm no longer in the catering biz. I don't miss fealing hungry all the time.

On the other hand...I bless mother earth that my family owns a gourmet smokehouse.

Hallo homemade sausage!!!

Wonderfully written, Shuna. Truly, an evocative post. I could picture the kitchen perfectly ... feel the heat rising from, well, everywhere ... smell the lamb on the grill ... see that pork-pink face. But my favourite phrase? "Rosti cooked in duck fat." YES, PLEASE!!

cheez, miss sfl, after this, the next time i sink into a slab of meat i'll feel like humbert humbert.

On a non chef level, too, it often happens that cooking or eating a lot of sweet things can lead to cravings for salty, or sour, pickly things or bitter greens or what have you. And we know how often a person, after a large (and completely filling) savory meal will still wish for a sweet dessert.

There are times when you want to eat something very specific only-a grapefruit, or a glass of milk-or a naturally salty piece of really good meat. I guess our bodies are trying to balance things out, or something.

I just finished braising a lamb shank, with garlic, lemon juice, and fresh dill. A year ago, I would have been terrified of a hunk of meat. I was always a baker first. Now, after reading everyone's food blogs, I'm not afraid to experiment. And oh, is it good!

Thanks, Shuna.


It was good, wasn't it?

I happen to know you have a lamb leg frolicking in your fridge. Me too. I can hardly wait.

Had to dash on Saturday morning just after 10:10. Wound up in Mt. View, down south. Spent a while in a Wurst Haus. I am in love and want to visit each Saturday. No, it was better than that.

Pure heaven +9,

Xo Xo

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