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06 April 2006


Thanks for this seductive recipe! I can't wait to try some relaxed leeks, probably my favorite starter in those little cheap French restaurants way over on the West Side of Manhattan in the old days.

ok - i have to try this before the end of the leek season. Check out pastry chef in the making, "Sweet Napa," who was coincidentally on a Thomas Keller leek bender yesterday too!

One word: YUM!! Very, very impressive!!!

Working on a farm can spoil you too. It was ten years ago that I knew I had a problem. My roomates at the time told me that if I brought home any more leeks I'd have to find a new place to live. But, but... I stuttered they're FREE and so good and so expensive to buy at the store!

Brandade for breakfast? I'll take a glass of Cava with that, please. And a side of anchovies on toasted bread rubbed with tomato.

Your leek preparation sounds simply scrumptious.

(You would know that previous remark was from Brett even if he didn't leave his name.)

miam, I will keep this recipe just handy as I have 4 nice young leeks in my fridge!

Yum, I love leeks!!!

Those are some sexy leeks to be sure!

While I missed the chance to go to Citizen Cake when I was in San Francisco last summer, I did go to Bouchon ... lovely!

I'm so excited to try this sensuous recipe, Shuna. This year, I learned to appreciate leeks. And I've been trying to appreciate them any way I can!

I tried out your braised leek recipe earlier this week and I am a convert. They are great! I served them drizzled with a vinaigrette with fresh thyme, which was lovely (I'm curious how it might be with tarragon). And I confess to nibbling on the caramelized bits scraped off the baking dish, which had the most intense and amazing leek flavor I have every tasted in my life. Wonderful. Thank you.

Why is leek so expensive in the U.S.? I grew up in Holland, where it is a very regular staple in everyone's diet...and cheap. Is it being imported? I live in Texas now, and a bunch (3 stalks) costs $2.99 at the least!

Leeks tend to be expensive in the US because they are considered "European." If you can find a farmer who grows them you will get them for a lower cost.

But, especially with this preparation-- you get to eat almost the whole stalk, so in this way it can "bring the cost down."

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