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04 April 2006


Gratuitous butterfat?!? Yes, please! I love your idea of adding rose geranium leaves and a tiny pinch of crushed cardamom. I'll have to try that out when we finally get some stalks.

Sounds delicious - I'm a recent convert to rhubarb & now I can't get enough of it!

Every single thing you make is something I want to eat. This looks and sounds delicious, and I love your description of your streamlined plan for producing it.

Aw, Shuna. What fun for you. Congratulations on the new gig.
I learned SO much reading this post; thanks.

Mmm, yum! I love rhubarb & apple Galettes.

I'm fascinated by your little details like cooking some of the apples more than others for textural interest, or imperceptible cardamon rather than obvious cinnamon. Plus, the actual pairing of apples and rhubarb in the first place -- something that would never occur to me.

It must have been a delicious dessert.

Dang you and your Galette Ninja ways. They must love having you around. I want some too!

well that sounds delish.

Hello NBM--

I see that you are visiting from one of my favorite museums. I am honored, thank you for coming around. We hope to hear from you again!


NINJA? Zow! Black Belt Shark, that's me. Pescado muy macho... Cuidado!

How nice to have a cool slab of marble on which to work!

Mmm ... gratuitous butterfat!! Can't wait to read that post!

I didn't know about not washing cut rhubarb. Thanks for the tip, and for this recipe.

I hope you enjoy your new gig, Shuna!

You never did post that galette dough you prefer. ;)

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