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11 April 2006


I love it! Brilliant! I can crochet, but have not yet mastered day...

I love your little teapot hat! So frolicky in all this drab weather. I'm gonna make one too. :-)

(But I am trying to imagine you all, maybe?)

I think you need a cozy for your mug now too!

You have been laughing at/with/for my guest blogger today and all the same time I have been coveting your tea cosy!

Is it Noro?

Shuna, I love your blog. You are so multi-talented! Even though I never liked cooking, I do so enjoy reading what you write about it! Your writing is wonderful, and now I find, you knit also??

I've been reading you for a long time, and now I finally feel I must de-lurk so I can tell you that you are an inspiration.

By the way, is there any chance I can learn to cook (and maybe even enjoy it) by reading your blog?

I'm in favor of hats for teapots, and mine have them too. Actually any pattern for a knit hat can be a tea cozy if you just leave opening for the handle and spout. They make nice presents, though you must sometimes tell the recipient what they are.
It gives a teapot a pleasantly loopy, Seussian look, I think. And, of course, keeps the tea warm. (bonus)
I like your pretty yarn.

I want that tea cozy as a head cozy for next winter. Knit up a hundred dozen!! Make them a fashion!!

Amazing yarn!

Happy Passover!

Very cool. I am still trying to finish my scarf.

Ooh, I agree with Dad and Ellen -- can you make me one of those for next winter? I'd wear it proudly, with my Eggbeater t-shirt, of course.

Wonderful post. I love a tea cozy too, and I haven't seen anyone else write about them before!

Beautiful teacozy and looks great on your oven! I hope you didn't notice my use of the word 'unctuous,' I know you hate that but I love how it sounds.

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