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28 May 2006


A second comment in one morning? Well, yes, when somebody is such a hero. There should be a medal struck for chefs like you who manage to save the day for benefits, time after time. Good on ya, Shuna!

I love your blog, I'll come back.
Have a nice day,
Jacqueline k.
Cuisine et Compagnie

P.S. I make a link with mine (in French)

Take charge! Brava.

Thanks Shuna, for being a good guardian of the land, constantly caring about what your human family eats as well how they raise it, purvey it and get it to the tables of others.

Go Shuna! You expedited a five course dinner for 300 people?! Seriously, thank you, I love Frog Hollow.

Being a part of this event was a highlight of my 25+ years of chefing. Maybe because it was in Brentwood which for me feels like an unjaded culinary frontier. At any rate it was one of those rare cooking experiences where everything felt like a bit of heaven. Thank you Shuna for organizing the event so brilliantly and thank you Kristie for inviting me.

Thanks for donating your brain and your desserts to the BALT dinner. Those of us who were charged with orgainzing the event breathed a collective sigh of relief when you and Chris Hatfield burst on the scene full of energy and know how to plan the back of the house activities and help insure that our front of the house plans would mesh with them. You along with Chris Hatfield, Kristie Knoll, Gail Wadsworth, and Barbara Houssein and Bruce Ghiselli in my opinion get the MVP awards for tirelessly working to make sure that every detail was planned and executed! You all amazed me by giving countless hours above and beyond the call of duty as volunteers all in the name of supporting Brentwood Agriculture!
Shuna, My daughters were thrilled to meet you. I made away from the dinner with the few cream puffs that were left which they devoured with delight the morning after the dinner.
See you next year!!
Josh Hammack
Bohemian Elegance Catering -Brentwood-

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