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27 May 2006


There is certainly something to be said for living in California. My CSA farmbox starts next Wed, but will be largely lettuce, spinach and herbs for a few weeks. Not to be sneezed at, of course, and there's always hope for a few beautiful strawberries. but I am, none the less, jealous.

The sensuality of your photographs captures the sexiness of spring dining, much of which can be done without silverware or anything else. They remind us of what that pleasure is all about! Thanks.

It´s cherries for us, these days. I love a big bowl of cherries to watch tv with. can´t be beat

I'm in the same boat as Lindy; our Northeastern farmers' markets won't have much beyond microgreens for a while yet. I did snag a lovely farm chicken, baby bok choy, baby wild arugula and rhubarb from Union Square Greenmarket the other dinner tonight promises to be pretty tasty.

My grandma used to fix us strawberries with sour cream and sugar too! She also made us bananas with the same. I think that a big bowl of that is in order tonight.

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