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18 May 2006


I am glad I do not have to go into the city to get the magazine. Perhaps tomorrow I will take a break from writing my final paper and walk over to Poulet for some dessert and great reading.


Congratulations on your paper debut! I'm glad to hear you'll be a regular guest at ESF; I picked up my copy yesterday.

Actually, it occurs to me...

Don't you live in the East Bay now? Shouldn't you be writing for _that_ Edible? (Shhh, don't tell Bruce.)

In spite of all the wonders of technology (ie, the internet) nothing beats holding in your hands the words you have written.

Congratulations, Shuna! May this be the first of many pages in print.

Congratulations, I look forward to many more articles, insights and your unique perspective which has brought me a love of chocolate, rhubarb, chard (ok all green things)and many other delights I would otherwise have never known...

Go, Shuna!

Yeah, I have to say that's an exceptional issue & publication. Congrats on the fine company!

When was Kim yer boss? I ain't seen her since she started doing a lot of writing.


I am so surprised I have not found your blog sooner! Congrats on your article - I will be sure to pick it up, and I will be eagerly scouring the rest of your site for baking tips!

Congratulations, Shuna -- I'm looking forward to reading this as soon as I can get hold of it. You and rhubarb are clearly an unbeatable combination.

congratulations! i wish i could find a copy here (in florence)!

and i wish i could find some rhubarb. I have been seaching at the farmers market for weeks and not a peep of it so far.


my own experience with rhubarb is that it rarely if ever shows up at the farmer's markets. Very few local farmers grow it. I found mine at Berkeley Bowl and Monterey Market in the East Bay which leads me to think you could find it at Rainbow and Whole Foods in SF.

Also there are some produce companies, like Greenleaf, which will allow "retail" sales if you pick it up and pay in cash.

Let us know what you come up with!

Biggles-- I worked for Kim briefly at Stonehouse Olive Oil.

Derrick-- I am writing for the Edible magazine that asked me. Maybe you could put in a good word for me over there at the East Bay Edible...

Sergio-- yes, thank you for picking up your copy at Poulet! Nice to see you again!

Congrats Shuna!

Congratulations, Shuna! I think I'm going to subscribe it :)

How exciting! Congratulations, Shuna!

Congratulations Miss Fish! You are so cool and hot all at the same time! Rhubarb Rhubarb Rhubarb!

With love from your London Fan Club.

Hi Shuna - I read this over the w/end. I'm such a fan of your crisp writing style - congratulations!

your writing is so sensual, so incredible...we are so lucky to have you to inspire make us best friends with food, make us want to have sleepovers and pillow fights with the ingredients you write about...
i think you are phenomenal and i am so excited! i cannot wait for my subscription! AND more from you!


This is very good issue of Edible San Francisco to be in with several good pieces and great, sustainable, theme

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