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12 May 2006


Oh my heavens! Excellent pictorial of the correct process. I can't believe what passes for the babies in some places. The whipping of the eggs is the key. Eggscellent.

It's 8:56 a.m. here in Toronto and I so wish I could dig into a plate of those right now.


Those look lovely. I also really like the pictures. It is like having a diagram for how to make the chili rellonos.

And you know whut? I bought 2 !!!

Ate 1 for dinner. There as good as the picture shows. Maybe I'll have 1 for lunch ...

So my boyfriend, no less than ten minutes ago, asked me what these were--he's Irish and has never had them--I know that as soon as I show him this post and he sees all your fabulous pictures, he's going to want to make them at home too!

Great inspiration to make the rellenos. Your photo montage makes it easy to follow the "recipe". I could actually hear the rellenos sizzling. What kind of oil are you using? Perhaps lard? Canoloa?
I can just taste that melted cheese...gotta make that trip to your place.

Those rellenos look fantastic. You make me think I could make my own, too.

The chile photos are the best ever! Eggbeater keeps getting better and better!!

Aw man ... one of my favorite things on earth. I haven't found satisfactory rellenos since I lived in Santa Fe, 16 years ago. But I guess I know where to go now, don't I?

Need written recipe to make authenic chili rellonos. Had them 45 yrs. ago in Tucumcari, New Mexico. Would love to have them again before I leave this world

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