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03 May 2006


Hey Shuna,
I love June's meyer lemon rose geranium marmalade so much that I just bought two rose geranium plants and potted them yesterday. By next season should have enough lemons and rose geranium leaves with which to experiment.

Thanks for reminding me. Time to get a couple of rose geranium plants to replace the ones I left behind when I moved. I have two small jars of rose geranium sugar I put up to bring with me, though, so the floral sweetness remains. I love to use it as a finishing sprinkle, or add it to whipped cream

These sound so perfect, and look beautiful.
Will you perhaps offer a recipe with rose geranium?

What great photos!

Those look lovely. Your photographs and descriptive narrative are brilliant! Heavenly.

My mouth is watering reading your wonderfully descriptive post! Last week I sampled some of Boule's (L.A.) scrumptious macarons .... can't wait to try these!

I discovered these, too. Holy
sh%*! They are so good. I'm still a sucker for the pistachio, though.

hello shuna, i was wondering if you could give me some tips or advice, i tried making these lovely macaroon, and they dont have the crispness? or the part under the macaroon? please help.!!


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