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30 May 2006


Choux a la creme were part of my patisserie diet while I was growing up in France.

Checked you blog after seeing it featured on Typepad.

I did a couple of collaborations with a pastry chef and friend of mine, Glenn Schwabik based like me in New Jersey for my blog 'Serge the Concierge'.

Have a good day


Hi Shuna, Great to see you on the featured blogs of Typepad.!!They picked out one of the best.

I just really like the phrase, "Come hungry."

Dag, Shuna, another class I hate to miss. I hope that someday you do some east coast classes.

Just stumbled across this site. Great! Is the choux class still open and where will it be?


The class is still open, as of Friday June 9, 11 am.

I am unable to advertise the exact location on the internet as this is not a walk-in sort of situation.

Glad you also emailed me directly too--

Thank you, Shuna, for teaching me how pate choux works and how to pipe correctly with a pastry bag!! Now I can make eclairs and not have anyone laugh about the shape of the puffed dough.

Hi ! Your site is very interesting. Thank you.

Shuna. Since I couldn't make your pate choux class (I would have, but I live on the East Coast), can you share your particular trick that helped you so much? I used to make it frequently, and had decent success, but I need a reason to get back to it. Love your blog and try to read it everyday.


No wonder this is a featured blog! - Great info, many thanks, Shareen

beautifull ...
It's funny because in France, chou is like noodles in Italia : everybody can do it :)
But we need a teacher for macaron , and we love cooking lesson .

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