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24 May 2006


something yummy from the looks of it.... panna cotta?

Something that would quicken the dead & make the rest of us crazed with pleasures only a god can endure?

Strawberry Rhubarb Frozen Yogurt!


A mousse?

Gotta be cotta.

I'm going to say either a panna cotta or a bavarian cream type of dessert featuring rhubarb ... if I'm right do I get to taste some???


I say strawberry-rhubarb-ginger bavarian cream...and surely glorious, whatever it it turns out to be...

Rhubarb souffle' ?

My desert?


whatever it is, i'm drooling!

I am calling this dessert 'pannacotta' for the ease of familiar convenience. But truly what I made was a bavarian. Fruit coulis + yogurt + whipped cream + gelatin. You could also call it mousse, especially if it existed between two cake layers.

Souffle? No, but thanks for the supposition.

Biggles, I hope you mean dessert!

Frozen yogurt sounds yummy. Maybe when I get my ic maker...

thanks for all the guesses!!

Yes! I was right!!! So when can I expect my bavarian in the mail???

Hey, no fair, you gave the answer away too soon!

Looks great, call it what you want, now where's my spoon.

Oh yeah! Dessert. Sorry about that. I don't run across that word very often. Another one of my goofs is using the word pallet for palate. Sigh.

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