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15 May 2006


Such a tease, is that all we get? Just the picture? How about a description? How did it come out? Etc!

AND?!??! What kind of cake was it?

Huzzah! Go Shuna go!

Hey, the tops look even too. No burn.

that was the most delicious cake ever...

Speaking of cakes that cornmeal rhubarb cake you made for Poulet is fantastic. Did you sprinkle a bit of coarse sugar over the top before you popped it in the oven? I liked the textures an how the balance of sweet to tart hovered at the edge of tart.
Also great rhubarb article in Edible San Francisco. "Osmotic reciprocity" is now within my realm of understanding.

Looks like the ol' wedgewood is a great partner!
I'm enjoying reading about your gig with Poulet!
the best!

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