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05 May 2006


Oh, rhubarb! That cornmeal cake looks so delish. I'm longing to start baking with rhubarb, but there's none local here yet, and the flown-in stuff is shriveled and $6 a pound. Ah, patience--that virture I do not possess. Hope all you lucky SFers and Berkeleyites are trotting over to Poulet pronto!

That rhubarb thing looks so damn good! Thanks for the pics - I might just have to stop by some time. Nice to meet you, by the way

If I ever make it to the west coast, I'm sooo there!!!!

Oooh, I love me some fruit 'n' cormeal cake! Buttermilk ice cream on the side?

Shuna, just read your article on rhubarb in ESF, which I picked up at the Ferry Building yesterday. I really enjoyed it!

I got over my rhubarb fear as a child (due to school lunches) only a year or two ago, and I can't wait to buy a bunch!

hey, thanks for stopping by!

Lovely and delcious! I will definitely stop by Poulet on my next Bay Area trip!

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