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22 June 2006


I think a lot of people confuse butterscotch with caramel and don't realize it's an entity of its own. Those butterscotch chips in the store are kind of strange - just their color and texture and everything.

Of course a hearty endorsement from me for Claudia's book - does she have any plans to write any more?

Ha, ha, butterscotch IS a gentleman- an elderly, old-name Yankee who smiles inward and wears soft flanneled shirts!

I love butterscotch! But I've always wanted to know, what exactly is the difference between butterscotch and caramel? Caramel is made with white sugar?


I imagine that one day Claudia and her husband might do a book. But right now they are working on their new place, so I can't imagine it's anytime soon.

Maura-- Always noce to have you here. A great pastry blog is hard to find!

Hello From Our Kitchen,

Yes, caramel is made with white sugar. Although this brings up a good point because our modern brown sugar is white sigar with molasses added back into it. Originally Butterscotch would have been made with black treacle. Welcome to food blog world!

Mmmm, butterscotch. It's not a memory from my (sugar-free) childhood, but I do love it.

And I love what you write about memories and scents or flavors. It is so true. I once sat in a movie theater next to a man wearing the same cologne as a long ago love. I could hardly concentrate on the film, the scent brought back such thoughts and memories.

Lovely writing, as always.

Lovely post, Shuna. I've given up Domino for the charms of Muscovado brown sugar...wouldn't that make kick-ass butterscotch?

Yay! I just absolutely love fresh scratch. In fact, I'm going to use some this weekend.


As a fellow pastry chef I've been a big fan of your blog. Butterscotch is one of my most favorite things. It's so simple. Even my 9 yr old daughter knows how to make butterscotch pudding from scratch. To find out that such a well known pastry chef would cheat & use those nasty chips..well..blech! I heard another restaurant in Larkspur well known for their pudding also uses the chips.

I work in a French restaurant but so what! I still put butterscotch pudding on as a special.

Ahhh. I was a weirdo to my friends because I loved butterscotch sundaes (with vanilla ice cream) better than their hot fudges....You have triggered major lust on my part....As for caramel, I can see my mother slowly stirring caramel frosting for her sweet white cake, a Southern favorite (esp. when you decorated the top with a circle of pecan halves). Thanks for the memories.

I have a friend who's flour-phobic, and I laughed until I realized that I'm pudding phobic, worried about maintaining something on the stove. I think Butterscotch pudding is worth braving. Sounds intoxicating.

butterscotch tart was my favourite pudding at school. I was food monitor on fridays when it was often served which meant i looked after a table of younger pupils - I was only 8 myself. It was my job to make sure they ate their food. Everyone wanted seconds when butterscotch tart was on the menu. Ok I'll stop, I'm drooling now.

Butterscotch is one of my favorite things in the whole world. When I'm happy, give me butterscotch pudding! When I'm depressed, give me a huge bowl and a spoon. Hot summer days, cold rainy days with a cup of good coffee; it always works.

I think it is evil that you have made this post, but not put up your recipe!

Yo Food Dude, Whas Up?

Hey, I'm not evil at all-- I do lead you to "My" recipe-- it's in the CF book! But you're right, maybe I'll tell you a little more in a few days... thanks for stopping by! Great to hear from you!

Hey, I know another famous Bay Area restaurant that actually uses Butterscotch Pudding Mix (!) along with chips for their famous Butterscotch Pudding.

I was pretty shocked when the pastry chef told me about it (after she left), but she said the chef/owner liked it the best...and so do the customers.

What a wonderful insight Shauna. My mind boggles over the thin wall between caramel and butterscotch.

Your timing on this is great as I just made up brown sugar marshamllows that came out butterscotch flavored, and for the life of me I couldn't figure out why! :)

I just recently found your butterscotch entry and found it fascinating. Now I see that the new Lark Creek Steak restaurant (Westfield SF Center, I think) has butterscotch pudding. I would love to know if they have a good pastry chef there and if they're actually making butterscotch.

Does anyone know where I can find "Butterscotch Puff Balls", they're just like the soft peppermint puffs, only butterscotch flavor..I bought them years ago, but can't find them anywhere...please e-mail me if you know..I have searched the web and searched, but no one know what I'm talking about...Thanks

Butterscotch is the elusive flavor my husband adores so I'm always on the lookout, but have never successfully created a dreamy butterscotch present for him. Every 'Scotchie' cooky recipe I find calls for butterscotch chips, and as I've never found them in organic form, I was hoping to be able to make them from scratch. Any suggestions?

Meg, click on the butterscotch pudding recipe-- right hand column. I think you'll find your answers there.

To Joyce McGuigan: Hi, I am also searching and searching for those butterscotch puffs. I actually liked the lemon ones the best. Also come in pepperment. About the size of ping-pong balls, you put one in your mouth and it just melts away. So delicious! K-mart used to carry them as a seasonal (summer item). A bag of them was only about a dollar. Please let me know if you find then on the internet or anywhere else! Thanks. [email protected]

My husband's family have passed a tasty recipe for what his Mother called Coconut Butterscotch Meringue through four generations. (Butterscotch 'chip' don't exist here so one must make b/scotch.) It was basically similar to your recipe for butterscotch (minus the two varieties of sugar and cornflour). It then has a soft meringue topping garnished with coconut flakes. The 'very proper' upper middle class males would jostle each other for second or third helpings, so two desserts were usually cooked. It's a great treat for the cold winter evenings now we're relocated for several years to deepest Southland in New Zealand! Regards, Cynthia Swann

I also am looking for the butterscotch puff balls and have searched and searched.. can't remember "official name" Kathy R. did you get a respons??

did anyone give an answer to the question of where to find butterscotch puffs candy?

Anyone?? Did anyone find the butterscotch puff ball candy?? They were originally made by Brocks which I think was purchased by Brach's Candy and were sold at KMart stores and some other dime stores like D & C.

I am also looking for those puff ball candies. I used to buy them at Kmart. They came in lemon, pepermint and strawberry. There was another store that had orange ones at one time. I have not given up my search and will let you all know if I find them.

I did find another brand of similar puff ball candy which are called RedBird soft assorted puffs on the "hometown favorites" website but they were out of stock. Here is the link.......

I am also looking for the puff ball candy. I would love to find some for my younger sister as a stocking stuffer. (she's been looking too) I found the puff candy by red bird and purchased them they are nothing like the old ones! I did not like them, so if any one finds info please email me. Until then I will keep looking and post back if i find something Thanks. lana

Would anybody have directions for making homemade butterscotch chips? I love the flavor of butterscotch chips in such things as cookies and meringues, but I don't like the artificial after-taste, and have never found any butterscotch chips without artificial ingredients. Thanks very much.

I have been looking for the same puff candy for months. I can't find it anywhere. These were my favorite candy as a child and butterscotch is my favorite flavor, which is what brought me to this site. Has anyone found them yet?

I was looking a butterscotch pudding and can do try many puffs if it is found.My three girls were calling it Scutterbotch.

Real butterscotch and butterscotch desserts can still be found in Cape Breton NS. Try the Farmers Daughter on the highway in Whycocomagh. Blow you away butterscotch pie and squares...and every other kind of fresh pie!

re: homemade butterscotch chips, I don't know but I'm very curious to find out. Our family has a food intolerance that includes most artificial flavours, so it would be great to have that option.

re: making butterscotch with treacle - interesting idea, anyone have a recipe? I keep treacle on hand for making gingerbread and would be interested to give it a try.

Hello Anne [et al], I'm not sure I understand the fascination with re-creating an artificial substance 'naturally.' I prefer my food to be what it says it is.

On your other point, when you say treacle do you mean molasses or golden syrup? If you mean the former than I would say, careful. Molasses tends to be a narcissistic flavor; meaning it doesn't much like competition and will annihilate any attempt to 'soften' its taste properties. All that said, one makes butterscotch with light or dark brown sugar which is sugar + molasses... although not that much. Have fun in your butterscotch adventures! ~ Shuna

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