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06 June 2006


When we first met and you told me about the pastry chef inspired by drag shows I knew it had to be him.

Inpsiration comes from all around. The hardest part for me is simply making quiet space for it to come to fruition.

That maribou slipper reminds me of the cookie legs my friend Sue McCown plants in her parfaits.

Congrats on the pie safe find, Shuna! I love flea markets...

I found some fabulous plates from the 60's once. I heart them so...

I am lusting after your plates. Oh, the jealousy! ;-P

That pie safe is a treasure. It looks to be in ace condition, too -- I admit I am really jealous, but if anyone got it, I'm glad it's you.

Was thinking of that sort of protection from summer bugs and all the other day, remembering various measures like those porous cloth covers for dishes on picnic tables. I ended up inverting a small fine-sieve colander over a pint of raspberries to keep the varmints away from them.

It is amazing how much the right tools can make food taste that much more delicious and how good plates make it more of an event.

I didn't know pyrex did plates--I only have bowls. Now I'm going to be on the hunt.

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