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15 June 2006


Shuna --
Thanks for your very thoughtful and hearfelt writing about the state of the business in today's post and the one before it. I am grateful to see someone's talking about the back story, the hard work, the gumption needed to keep food-based venues open and successful.

I get really tired of the lemmings who run to the newest spots and the ever-present quesion, "Have you been to ------?" I'm a faithful lover and believe in supporting quality over novelty. This is not to say I won't try new places (esp. when I'm invited) but I hate the emphasis on what's hot this week.

Thanks again.

Thanks for such a thoughtful and insightful post - it's great to hear from someone who's seen and experienced so much!

I used to live in Berkeley up until recently and I always loved seeing the awning over Poulet's door as I went down Shattuck.

Hopefully your post will encourage others to take a closer look at what their neighborhood offers and not just run to the latest trendy gourmet store.

You tellim', givem the old 1 2.

I eat locally every day.


Wow! You get busy, you don't look at eggbeater for a few days, and boom, Shuna has posted a half-dozen new pages!! Ellen and I think we work hard, but now we are going to redouble our efforts!! Each piece is so good, Shuna, so much YOU in each one. The way you write about food minutiae does make them interesting, even fascinating. And thde photos, as always, top notch!!


made lovingly by shuna-belle?

must. pick. tongue. up. off. ground.

every time you write about (and show!)what's on the menu at poulet, i wish i lived in berkeley. thats quite a stretch for this die-hard new yorker. we'll miss you this weekend.

Growing up in Oakland and coming back after an absence, I have rediscovered Poulet through your site! I went today and had the lemon cream and was in heaven. "Knowing" (if only through the internet) the person that has made this wonderful goodie makes it even better. Please keep bragging about what you're making as I seem to be rather vulnerable to the descriptions and photos!

I love this post. I've watched innumerable unique little NY food venues fold under the pressure of chain stores or real-estate buy-outs, and always feel a terrible sadness when this happens. Your photos and descriptions are actually giving me an appetite on this humid, heavy-air NYC day when I haven't really felt like eating anything. What's that cake with the dark berry jam or filling poking out? I could eat some of that lemon cream right now, and I'd simply scarf one of those yummy golden cupcakes topped with a rich swirl of chocolate...

bravo! you are amazing!

I was intrigued by your article,and your expression about how much hard work the food industry really has to do. I do have a question for you....In the picture of Lucinda Hernandez what kind of pan is she using for her fritatta?...I'm really curious if it's cast iron or what?

Hello Laura,

Thank you for asking a great question! Lucila and I looked at the pan today. It is a small Paella pan and we think it is made of iron because it is still in perfect condition after much use, but it is not heavy the way a cast iron pan would be.

It does indeed do a beautiful job, and the way the eggs rise up to envelop the vegetables is nice looking as well.

Thank you for taking time from your busy schedule to answer my silly question. The reason for the question it's that I'm currently stationed in Germany, and France Lorraine France is only 1/2 hour away and they have alot of pans like yours. I would love to learn how to cook a frittata like yours. Thank You Very Much!!!!

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