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16 June 2006


Are they Dominiques? We called them "Domi-neckers" when I was a litle girl. My cousin George had trained one from the chicken yard to ride on the back of his tricycle by the time he was three. They're lovely! Thanks for the introduction. (PS: I could never figure out why they didn't lay black and white spotted eggs.)

I just saw those chickens at a recent fair. what kind are they?

Some things in real life are almost to good to be true!

"hi Shuna, the girls are cute. they are barred rocks who are know to be of the best all round farm chicken. ours have loved picking up lots of nutrition foraging throughout the farm." This is what Carl Rosato says. He is the owner of Woodleaf Farm in Oroville, mainly a peach farm.

Thanks for the interest!

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