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21 June 2006


My suggestion is you expand your reading to include the fab food glossies of England and Australia they are divine and often give more inches to sweets. Check out Fresh and BBC Good Food. Better yet I'll stop by and give you a sample--you know the drill the first one is free...

I noticed that about Food & Wine, too. Sigh.

I am perennially and hopelessly behind on my reading. But I agree that Gourmet pretty much leads the pack -- not only are the articles in-depth, I find the art direction just keeps getting better and better. This year so far has really blown me away.


First, thank you for your blog. You are an inspiration to me. And to know that you craft tasty treats in my neighborhood... WOW. I will be at Poulet soon.

I share your angst re: reading. For me, it is more about picking up that Businessweek when Living or Saveur are twinkling enticingly at me.

Here's what I do. Read food magazines in bath every morning. Wake up early enough to take said bath. No, none of my food mags are in pristine condition, although I have every issue of Gourmet, Living and Saveur going back to 1999.

Read BizWeek hurriedly between 12 and 2 PM, during phantom lunch hour. Use highlighter prodigiously - hastens reading process.

Hmmm... contemplate change in career.


Even if you retire from working, you still can't read it all. But don't throw them away. (Hint: I check good books out of the library so I don't have to buy them; the due date forces me to either read them or admit I'm not interested enough.)
I love your Newsy Boi's clips. I'd say I need a Cute Newsy Boi, but I've got DailyKos.

I dearly love things in print, but feel SO bad purchasing's like I can hear the trees going tsk tsk as I walk by. Thank goodness for RSS syndication. I only wish more print publications offered this alternative.

Although that doesn't solve the problem of never having enough time. heh

Shuna--no tips really, just commiseration. Unfortunately, my job is dependent on keeping up with the news so I force myself to read scary articles about nukes and Iraq before I read the food section on Wednesdays. I like to think of the food section as the reward :) One thing that helps me is making sure to always keep a magazine or two in my bag so if I get stuck waiting for an appointment, sitting on the bus, etc, I can use my time constructively!

SO jealous of all the magazines. The choice here in Spain is pretty limited, so I can be restrained. But then go crazy on Amazon, of course.

My problem is usually more that I have to control the reading so I can catch up on my life.
I find not watching real time tv at all gives me more time for other things. It works pretty well. Tv news is so sucky, and I do have a radio for emergency events.
I am thinking about cancelling my cable tv. I can't even get network tv without it, but I can still watch anything I really want on dvd later, from netflix, or the like.

If you buy Bill Buford's book, you'll find time to read it. Someone gave it to me and I thought...great just what I need, another book...then I finished it that day.
Skip Deborah Madison's soups. It has great pictures, but all the recipes appear (or w/ slight variation) in her other fantastic and much more expansive books.

how about a nice long plane ride?

I usually save my magazines up for trips to SF and carry them around so if the GM becomes absorbed in comparing items while shopping I've got something tasty on hand.

I have in addition to my "normal" reading load of the abovementioned mags, a huge whopping stack of books, which if piled on top of each other would be taller than me. Yes, hardly a vertical acheivement but a considerable amount of words.

Plus, I try to be mindful of the real truth that obsessive pursuit of a single interest leads to stultification.

Not mention my life will be completely different in about a month.

Is that your magazine rack?! Do you really have a magazine rack in your kitchen? So cute. I love it. It makes them all look very organized.

I have stacks. Stacks and stacks and stacks. Which I lug around to different rooms, artfully switching the one on top to match the room decor. I am a magazine junky - the design is so wonderful, so cutting edge - think Flaunt or Nest - that I simply can't toss them.

I'm with Lindy about giving up TV - more time to read!

Hi Shuna,
Funny column. I too have a love/hate relationship with the food maggies. I cannot cancel my subscription to Food and Wine, and I do admit I love the Best New Chefs issue, but the one token woman always shivers my feminist timbers. I am definitely more of a cooker than a baker, but I feel your pain. Pandering to the popular concept of traditional gender roles stinks. After hearing your endorsement of Gourmet, I'm tempted to subscribe...
I enjoy your blog.

what was your handle on chowhound? I want to read your old posts.


I think some-many of my posts were erased because I was considered a Bad Boy, but that's who I go by when I'm there.

Could your blog get any better?!

and I agree, the token woman on the cover of Food and Wine definitely made me gag.

Was there a link to Cute Newsy Boi? I don't see it. I'd love to see, it.

The Newsy Boi is not a link, he's a friend. Wish you had one? Find someone who loves to read the NY Times every day, has a sharp wit and can type.

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