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20 June 2006


Jealous.....I'm SO Jealous! I can feel the passion for the dough from here! Wish I could have sat in for this class!

Big drooling lurker here. I'd love to take a class in pâte à choux from you, but I live in Massachusetts. Do you tape your classes? Do you perhaps think at some point tapes of your classes might be made available for the far away and insatiable?

I'd buy one. I love how much you love what you do.


Great class! The few I've been exposed to were way to housewifey, not yours. I've a passion for the history and science of a food and you expanded my knowledge of both
as pertains to the marvel that is pate a choux.
As a proffesional I use listening and smelling more than timers and thermometers and your insight about using our senses when doing pate a choux and all cooking really rang true for me.
Also great was seeing the physicality of technique, which as you say is virtually impossible to convey in a book or magazine.
Last but not least great fun listening to the little inside industry tidbits.
Good gristle! Gimme more!


This class was great fun...I'd love to do one on custards, or maybe a general egg/desserts class with a custard, meringue, etc. I'm sure you'd come up with some great things!

sign me up the next time i'm in town! that top photo looks *delicious*! so when are you going to come cook in paris? ;-) bises, laura

Wahoo! I'm famous! Neat.

I can hardly wait until the next class. My neighbor loves to cook and bake, but she's been gone for 2 years while her house was remodeled. Hopefully now I can invite her as well.


I know I am rather late providing my comments, as I have been on vacation since the day of the class. But as they say: better late than never.

I found the class to be marvelous. I would like to reiterate what all of the other people who were there have said because all of the praise for the class is well deserved. Perhaps the best aspects, personally, were the topic and execution. The class was by no means like most cooking classes offered these days, which provide what can best be described as a live cooking show. The topic is not one that is merely a few recipes based on a theme, but rather was centered on a fundamental technique which can be applied on a variety of ways. Instead of acting out the text from a cookbook, Shuna provides a wonderful class that offers anecdotes, personal instruction, insight, and masterful demonstration.

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