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08 June 2006


This post made my salivary glands go into overdrive, in that puckery sort of way that makes you know that you're thinking about something a little bit naughty.


I love the stone fruit piece -- so ripe and delicious -- thanks. I loved reading and licking my lips afterward. We're bringing our family (2 lesbian moms, 2 cool kids) to the Bay area this August. Any suggestions on where to eat with them? One loves sushi, one loves pasta.

Thanks again,

Shuna, thank you for this ode to stone fruit. It is a glorious piece of writing, about a glorious subject. Sadly, we're still far from stone fruit here...although strawberries are finally in!

Fish...the little, red ones? They're here.

What a great celebration of stone fruit! I love them too; I'm always trying to stuff myself with one more before their season is over!

I love all the colors. It makes me feel like I am creating my own rainbow to wish upon. Seems like that would be a fun game: to arrange your fruit by color and then make a wish on the fruit!

Mmm, yes. This brought back a flood of memories of eating peaches so ripe, juice flowed down my forearms; of black plums with wine-y dark flavors; of spreading apart the fuzzy cheeks of perfectly ripe apricots. You've definite struck a nerve with your paean to stone fruit!

Lovely writing, Shuna.

Yesterday, I saw the first cherries from my favorite Seattle-area farmer. They are early yet, and are sweet-tart rather than bursting with deep crimson sweetness. Soon, though, soon...

Hey Shuna: thanks for writing about the peaches! Like you, I cannot wait for summer to arrive. Sinking into a nice fruit is so refreshing int he summer time. Strawberries have just arrived... soon it will be the cherries. Spring/ summer has arrived too late in Paris.

Shuna, Best post ever!!! It made me want to run out and check on the progress of my plum tree. It brought me so much pleasure last year. I am right there with you on the wanting to make everything thing!

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