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07 June 2006


I wish that you were closer, so that I could come to visit. Instead, I have to drool over the pictures in the blog.

That's great! I'm always testing my creations out on my boyfriend, but you know what one of his favorite desserts still is? Yellow cake with chocolate frosting! We will definitely have to come check yours out!

This is the cake I STILL request for my birthday, and the one I most often bake for others. It keeps me honest, and it tastes so damn good!

Oh! The above note was from me!

I think I will!

Have you seen the music video on how to make a cake at the Indie Food Channel,


Hello Indie Food Channel--

I did in fact just look for said piece and I could not find it. Is this a carrot dangling or a real thing? Or are you just here commenting to advertise your wares?

I will allow it, but just once. Teling a photographer/baker about a film on cake and then not producing one?!! It just won't do.


It takes a bit of clicking to get to the video! First click on Watch Programs in the left hand column. One large picture and six small pictures then appear. Click on Music Videos, the photo of a girl with a slice of cake. All the other photos but the Music Video photo disappear. Click on the photo again and the video plays.


I wish I lived near Poulet, I adore Yellow Cake With Chocolate Frosting!

Yellow cake with chocolate frosting -- wow -- and I thought I was the only devotee of this combo! I lust after it. I haven't yet made it to my own satisfaction, either. The closest I've come in NYC is Mitchell London's meltingly tender yellow cupcake with a huge high swirl of dark chocolate fudge frosting -- not ganache. I really wish I could come in and taste your version, sometime before August...

When I read you'd been "perfectin" and clicked over to learn more, I expected a recipe, and mulling over what's worked, and why, and why not...spill?


well perhaps I will put the recipe up one day. I've been thinking eggbeater has been needing a recipe soon...

But sometimes one just wants to let the world know what one is working on. Especially when so many of my readers live close by... and they can come in for a little treat here and there...

Thanks Sandra for pointing out how to find the CAKE video. It's not very hard, and as you say it's listed under Music Videos. The Indie Food Channel just did a big news release on it a few weeks ago with the group, Charity and the JAMBand. If you like cake, especially birthday cake, you should love it! Since some of you are based in the Bay Area, you should know that we are too, and some of our books like THE CAFES OF SAN FRANCISCO and CHOCOLATE FRENCH have a lot of Bay Area representation, but the World is a big foodie haven, so we're focused on being comprehensive.
FYI - if you like cakes, we created a a list of the five best cupcake spots in San Francisco that you will love.

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