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25 June 2006


I can't wait for okra to hit the farmer's markets in NYC. Grilled whole, it may be the most delicious veg ever.

Cornmeal! Eggs! Fry up that okra, honey, fast as you can. Addictive as popcorn.

In South East Asia, okras are commonly called "Ladies' Fingers"... and we use them all year round, mostly in curries! I guess okras are a good thickening agent for curries? How are you going to cook the okra?


I love okra so much it barely matters how I cook it. I like to saute it with corn and onions, salt and a heavy dose of black pepper. I like it fried but only when the coating doesn't mask the okra's personality.

All those things people don't like about okra? Fine, more for me! I can take it, bring it on!

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