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24 July 2006


Figs are my absolute favorite...verstatile, delicious, undeniably sexual...what more could anyone ask for?
Your description is insightful and provocative. I simply adore the passion with which you approach your life's work. I too have cut open a fig simply to contemplate its magical structure and infinite beauty...glad I'm not the only crazy one.
Please continue to inspire, tempt, comfort and tickle :)

Stop it, you're distracting me.

Readers! Come here, go away, I love you, I loathe you, touch me here, no touch me there, faster, slower, more adjectives, less descriptors, recipes, no, photos.

I can't keep up!


tee hee.

Love this article. My figs just started to grow and I can't wait for the tasty little morsels to be in my own backyard.

I commented more extensively on the Bay Area Bites Site. I am just beside myself with how much I enjoyed that story! Thank you.

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