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20 July 2006


I loved Heat, especially the section on butchering in Tuscany. And I've never read a truer description of life in a high-end kitchen.

Sexism is a grim reality in a business that's been male-dominated for centuries. In 'Kitchen Confidential,' Tony B. writes admiringly about my friend Beth (aka Grill Bitch), now his assistant: when one line cook pinched her butt, she bent him over his cutting board and dry-humped him.

Shuna, I'm a huge fan of Susan's. Her writing is as beautiful, heartfelt and inspiring as yours. How she must have kvelled over you!!

I read the Heat excerpts that were in the New Yorker not long ago, and will pick up the book toute suite. It's funny how you can miss out on the publication of a book you've been waiting on to come out.

In all the years I've lived in New York, I've never been to Cony Island. I guess if there's shortcake there...

I'm SO glad you read and enjoyed heat, but I'm more thankful for your response to that review. He seemed to miss the point of the book as I saw it, a kitchen's ability to change and mold an individual and a personal exploration of regional cuisine, both practically and historically.
Your response was simply perfect and I'm grateful you put what I was feeling into more eloquent words than I ever could have.

Thanks for that recommendation. As a literary line cook in NYC I have followed Bufords "New Yorker" cooking stories. Its all true, its high time a woman wrote her experiences in these often hostile/intensive environments. At the end of the day I remind myself why I do what I do-for the love of food

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