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07 July 2006


Hey, you're in NYC! Call me or email me--would love to see you while you're here! We need to go down to Il Laboratorio del Gelato and try their fabulous chilly treats....

Also, according to Chowhound, the produce store at the SE corner of Mulberry and Canal has fresh MANGOSTEENS. For real--I haven't checked it out, but here's the sighting: Welcome back!

Nice to follow you around in NYC... since I'll be there in the beginning of September... Good to know where I can find ice cream and other thirst quenchers... and a big phat cheeseburger!

Love the blog, love it!

I was just looking at the ChickaLicious(I love that name!)Menu & I must say I would fly out there just to eat there. I love dessert bars..I'd much rather do that on a summer night than eat real food. Thanks for making me feel like I'm actually there in NY with your wonderful words.

Shuna, don't tell me you went to Momofuku and didn't have their pork buns—those are the absolute best thing on the menu! If you're in town any longer, you'll need to rectify this. I volunteer my personal assistance, if needed.

OMG - Sour Cherry Frozen Custard? Where can I get the recipe for that??

I love Chickalicious! I spent 2hrs sitting at their counter and watching Chika make the desserts.

I had the warm cranberry pudding with cranberry soup, and my petit fours were coconut marshmallows, flourless chocolate cake and pecan sandies.

I love their style of working too-they are super coordinated, quiet and it is like watching a pastry kitchen ballet!

In contrast, when I bake it like as if a nuclear device was detonated in the vicinity!

I also liked their mis-matched dessert dishes-added a touch of whimsy.

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