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13 July 2006


I never thought of the pre-salted concept. Certainly seems true-- you add your own seasoning to the foods you eat.

Oh, it's so sweet to take a mind journey into the "thick moist clouds, fog, mist, grey on grey on blue green grey". A brief escape from this day's reality of the world busting at the seams. Rockets crashing, devastating destruction, people in bomb shelters.....I'll just sit here and wiggle my toes in the salted sea and be grateful for any reflection of light.

Thank you Shuna for taking me" through the smoke
rings of your mind - through the foggy ruins of time"

Ah, Wellfleet. Phil and I stayed there last year. My grandfather built his house on 6A in Eastham. Wave to the cemetary for me. And oh, the fresh seafood!

I just put the last bag in the car tonight for our stay on Lieutenant's Island starting tomorrow. Thanks for a preview of summer.

Good lord, now I need to get myself to a beach!

Heading north next week, to a small island off the coast of Canada--a week's worth of beach walking and salt air. I am looking forward to it, now even more.

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