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11 July 2006


Shuna, I'd love to hear your thoughts on Room 4 Dessert! What was it like?

Re Coney Island, one of my favorite descriptions appears in "Dear Once," a Jewish family saga by Zelda Popkin (1970, I think). Way out of print, fascinating, and totally worth picking up.


Make sure to stop at th at Wellfleet Lobster place and have a lobster roll (and steamers!) for me.

German short-hair pointers are so beautiful and sweet-tempered-they're one of my favorites. Thanks for sharing the pics of Cape Cod-I remember long drives on holiday weekends from Boston and New Haven to Wellfleet-awful traffic, but well worth it once we kicked off shoes and waded into the ocean. I remember a great shack in Wellfleet called the Lobster Hut. Seriously lovely photos and writing. Thanks.

I´ve never had a lobster roll, and every time they´re mentioned I can´t help thinking that they must be the best thing ever.

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