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26 August 2006


Congratulations. It's always nice when a piece gets out the door. I sent one in this morning (not for Edible East Bay, but I have to start that one because it's due next week).

I am so jealous! I want a Saul's in my neighborhood, but alas, the closest thing I've got is either Subway (ick!) or Quizno's, which isn't much better, just much more expensive. I mean, at least the meat is real meat at Quizno's, but they try *so* hard to be gourmet, but they only end up being gour-meh-- at best.

If I want latkes I have to make them. Same goes for matzah ball soup and gefilte fish. I won't eat that slimy stuff in the Jewish food section at the store. Besides, I prefer mine made from salmon, onion and dill. I missed getting to a seder last spring, can you tell?

I miss Saul's. I spent many a meal there when I was a student at Cal. Do they still have the jars of pickles on the table?

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