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30 August 2006


hey you!
you dissected my tart and photographed it.
I hope you ate it after that.

shuna - i think you were truly the spirit of the picnic as this post, giddy as its writer, will attest.



Yes, indeed!

Not only were you the spirit of the party, but you've captured it perfectly here (which doesn't surprise me at all). Right/write on!

Aw garsh ... I've always aspired to being both cute and prolific. But I can never be as spirited and unabashedly joyful as you, sweets. So great to meet you (and everyone else) at long last!

Shuna - thank you so much for everything you did. And everyone was so careful and nice and clean and all that stuff. Xena thanks you for her picture too - I bet only two other attendees even know what I'm talking about!

And really nice photos...

owen? the doglette?

I'm not lanky, I'm excessively tall and slim for a food whore.
*HUG* So shibby to finally meet you Shuna! Please give us any and every excuse to come do so again and maybe go grab a bite to eat, or if you venture north to Sacramento we would be more than happy to play with you!

Shuna Fish Lydon - sprite-ly muse of the No Cal food blog community - you've done it again. You've truly captured the spirit of the day. And that pool was WAY fun. :-)

Shuna, I didn't actually meet you at the picnic. I saw you... across the table, across the yard... and wanted to rush up and tell you how much I love your blog, and your poetry, but you were always deep in conversation, so I never made the move. Wish I would have.

It was only at the end of the picnic that we met but I've heard so much about you from Tea and you are as witty and funny as I expected.

Xena is he doglette indeed. More like Dog Warrior as Owen told us earlier Xena eats rocks and wood and she's a ferocious watch-dog as well.

Witty and funny? Giddy and Shibby? Poetic and handsome?

ok, well I added in the handsome part myself. thanks for all the words. we are indeed a bunch of damn fine eggs, if I do say so myself.

Ah, mang. That was such a great day that offered up the best from dawn to dusk.
We need to do a Holiday Food Bloggers Dinner.

Who's up for it?

mmmm...sleepy, home, missed this, but got to sleep under the stars instead. i'll be there next time!

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