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16 August 2006


Umm, I followed all of that except the wet sand caramel method. What is that? Would it save my pots?

(sorry to interrupt plating for a probably dumb question)

Retrofood! Great to have you visiting and commenting at eggbeater.

Questions are not dumb! No! Ask all the questions you want! That's why I have a blog!

Wet sand method is the safest, especially at home, for making caramel.

Pour sugar into pot. Get cold tap water going and, gently, get a little water in the pot. If you have more than you need, it's ok, it will just take longer to cook.

Use fingers to combine as slowly and carefully as possible, turning the mixture into what feels like wet sand.

Dip a pastry brush in cold water and brush around the sides in case there are any loose granules of sugar clinging there. Sometimes I just wet my hand and do it with my fingers.

After you have gotten your caramel where you want it and it is out of the pot, fill pot with water almost to top and place on low to med. heat. Boiling water is the best way to get that caramel out of there!

**Remember that when you are making caramel use a heavy bottomed pot and have a large bowl of ice water nearby-- a caramel burn is the worst kind in a kitchen. It's very dangerous.**

Good luck tomorrow...from Savannah GA via North Eastham....a little Cape Cod luck coming your way...may it work out the way it is supposed to...


Yep, I finally commented, though I wear your t-shirt often. I even wore it to work for "casual friday" last week. (and of course, everyone says how nice it looks on me with the navy blue)

Caramel burns definitely hurt. Heavy bottom pans I have oodles of, my parents believed in professional cookware. As a bonus they always are clean since the rest of my family finds them wretched.

Oh my. I'm overwhelmed with a sudden and unignorable desire to go home and make toffee [that is toffee, right?] despite the fact that my last attempt was a disaster.


Toffee? No, it's more like buttercrunch. The instructions are above. I don't have time to make toffee. But feel free to send me some, I love the stuff!

The peppercorn/nib caramel is so beautiful.

I hope that you get exactly what you want from tomorrow's tasting.

whaaahhhww. You are a sensual tour de force. And I just got back from Michael Mina, with their Adriatic sea salt as a (requested) party favor...rock on, Shuna!

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