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01 August 2006


OoO OoOO and don't forget!

This caramel cake is most certainly Destination Cake. The frosting is quite light and melts away with caramel playing on your tongue, nothing too heavy. It's frosting you love to like. The cake part is really neat. It's so moist, yet still pulls away with a tug and cleanly goes around the mouth.
If you're looking for an excuse to get out and go play with food, this should most certainly be your first stop. It's mine now.


yum! I will add this place to my "must try" list so I can sample your work! I come up to Berkeley for work about once a month and am constantly making the food rounds. Lucky for me my office is right across from the Berkeley Bowl and next to Crixa...

Great to meet you at Blogher...

Oh boy does that look good! I really must get to Poulet on one of my next jaunts to the bay area. Thank you for the nod on the tapioca. I only allow myself to eat it once a year, lest I turn into one giant tapioca pearl from eating so much of it. xo

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