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09 September 2006


Can I still call ya darlin'? (I don't think it's gender specific)


Thought provoking and insightful as always. How we choose to label ourselves and the labeling lines we draw for others are personal and complicated issues.
If anyone hasn't listened to Shuna's podcast from BlogHer, he/she is missing out. Click now, or continue to miss out!

Actually, Shuna, loath as I am to correct you, if you position your cursor over Aaron's name at the bottom of his comment, just above this one, you will see that his e-mail address is clearly displayed and hotlinked. This means it is not only not shown only to you and TypePad, but that it can be spidered by the dreaded spambots automatically trolling the web looking for marks. The only way around this is for commenters to put something in the "URL" box as well as in the "Email Address" box. I am unaware of a way for you, Shuna, to change this.

Until you find a way to change this, if such a way exists, here's what I recommend to commenters who don't have websites of their own but also don't want their e-mail addresses to be displayed publicly: Just put "" That'll work.

(BTW, Shuna, speaking of rude behavior by strangers, I tagged you with a meme. Sorry, sorry, sorry. You can ignore it if you want to, of course. I'm not dangerously obsessed, just nosy and obnoxious.)


Thank you for continuing in the face of unpleasantness. Had it not been for you, I would have never mistressed pie crust (I even made a partial whole-wheat version, with amazing results), and the existence of your delightful, well-written, evocative blog never ever fails to put a smile on my face, and inspire me to try new things with whatever happens to be available.

Thank you for existing, even if it's far away on that other coast. And if you ever want to come to Maine and teach a knife skills class, I'll be happy to host.

You've made me feel bad for not posting those emails I sent you.
I will in the future, I promise.

We're gald you persevere in the face of unbounded cluelessness.

East Coast Fish


Thank you so much for the correction. another good thing to know: LEARNED BY A COMMENT!!

"it can be spidered by the dreaded spambots automatically trolling the web looking for marks."

crazy as I might sound, phrases like this freak me out in a happy-silly sort of way. Of course I have heard of these mechanical spiders before, I just always think of Sci-Fi when I hear the term.

at the moment I have little time for memes I'm sorry to say. soon, perhaps you will understand why...

thank you for the support. it really sucks when people can't just let other people live. i've never had comments on any of the blogs that i've "owned" going back to 1999 for this exact reason. i choose to not give dangerous, lonely "humans" (i use that term loosely regarding these individuals) a gold-plated invitation to pollute my little corner of the web. i know nothing is entirely private but when you try to make it as private as possible and some dirtbag gets through, it feels like someone took a wrecking ball to my castle.

some folks just weren't hugged enough as children.

/i can put an armchair shrink bend on anything; that one is universal


Shuna, thank you for addressing this. I have been buoyed and made joyful and laughed and learned from the thousand wonderful comments my website has received over the past year and a half. And then there is the jerk from the same ip address in Denver who consistently sends me the ugliest, most personal attacks I have ever read, and on an almost-daily basis. I chose to moderate my comments, so the personal barbs do not publish. But they still keep coming. I have to go with the above comment: some people simply were not hugged enough as children. Cruelty only comes from deep insecurity and loathing.

But keep on with your Shuna self. Fabulous woman, that you are.

"mellow and Texan" - Your pairing of these words made this ex-pat Texan smile, and wonder how you see the relationship between them.

I'd also like to add something to Sara's comment. I've noticed some people copy the URL of the post on which they're commenting into the URL field. That approach hides their email address, but the URL doesn't send anyone who might click on the link to a 404 page; rather, they stay in the same place.

Damn Shuna, way to get cooler with every post! queer, orchid loving pastry chef with a penchant for poetry? Awesome.

As always, Shuna: BRAVO.


Just a quick note to let you know that this foodie blogger reads your blog every day. If it wasn't for you I would not have discovered leeks.

Is it ok for a (mostly) straight woman to fall for you? 'Cuz I think I have. ;-)

Shuna--I have been lucky thus far and have only had one weirdo comment (lots of spam, though) with personal attackish overtones.

However, elsewhere on the web, I have gone verbally sparring with--of all creatures--white supremacists, so I know what it feels like to have my entire person dragged through the virtual mud in the most vicious, verbally violent way possible.

It is never good, never easy, and never fun.

However, rest assured that for every freak on the net who is too socially challenged (and probably wasn't hugged enough as a kid), there are lots of regular folks who read your words and love you for who you are and what you represent.

Hold on to the love, let go of the hate, and keep making beautiful pastry and writing beautiful blog entries.

And watch out for those squirrels--they are wee wicked critters.... ;-)

You Go Gir...., um....I mean, You Go Shuna!

; )

For Calichef, who asked: "Is it ok for a (mostly) straight woman to fall for you? 'Cuz I think I have. ;-)"

Join the club!

I made a faux pas. I commented earlier on your post on your Cafe Gratitude flamer by saying "amen, sister" before even reading this post.

Oops. Sorry.

Anyway, what I *meant* to say was that your retort to the Cafe Gratitude/expensive food/living wage/gentrification in the Mission commenter was dead on. Thank you.

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