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24 September 2006


I don't know if they will still have it on the menu, but when we were there a couple of month ago, the gooseberry fool at St. John's was swoon-worthy.

Say regards to Johanna, Jeanne and Xochitl for me!

Hi Shuna

What a pleasure it was to meet you!! Your blog gives only a tiny glimpse of your VAST knowledge of all things culinary, your sly sense of humour and your wonderful ability to tell stories and reveal bits of yourself by intriguing degrees. I'm glad you had as much fun as we did and I'll certainly be keeping in touch.

PS - you have put us all to shame with the speed of your posting!! ;-)

Amy!! We were talking about you! I thought it was so nifty that you had ended up in Johanna's wonderful house too! Full circle. Now we just have to get these folks to us...

Bless you for those kind words :) It was lovely to meet you and learn so much from you! Hope you got to St John - it's late for gooseberries, but luckily there is no season for bone marrow... (I love it so much I'm holding my wedding reception there, as I may have mentioned a few hundred times!)

I love Spitalfields! Reading your posts is bringing back a lot of happy memories. Get some Indian food!

i am so glad you enjoyed the afternoon, shuna, i certainly did as well. I felt like i could spend another 12 hours talking to you about the tricks of the restaurant trade - very informative and inspiring indeed! (even though you scared me a bit with some stories, but you're right to, as I am often a bit careless).
As for getting "us folks" over to San Francisco, I would love nothing more, maybe it'll have to wait a little until I can fly again, but I'd certainly enjoy a trip to the Bay Area - all the bloggers from there I've met so far have left me wanting to get to know them better, and where there's a will, there's a way! enjoy paris and i am looking forward to your accounts of the parisian scene!

Shuna - you shame me! Not only are you travelling & posting with such speed & poetic beauty, you've also beaten me to the punch, & I'm only reading and commenting on all of your beautiful blogs. I'm not worthy!

Thank you for sharing so much with us on our day of mexican cookery. It was so lovely to meet you. Your vast knowledge of the culinary world is astounding & has obviously been well earnt through years of hard graft. I'm looking forward to making my way through your many posts & learning much along the way. Thank you for being so warm & generous - happy travels. Hope to meet you again one day.


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