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13 September 2006


That is a fine piece of art right there.

Ah, tomatoes, the food of the gods. There is nothing better than vine ripened, homegrown tomatoes. I shall be enjoying their luscious, ripe, juicy bounty tonight with the addition of some smokey bacon, mayo, finely grained bread, sal de mer and freshly ground black pepper. Sheer bliss.

Or maybe caprese? Homegrown basil, EVOO, salt, pepper, fresh buffalo mozzarella. Mmmmmmm.

To many tomatoey good things, only they are nearly over! :'(

You did it -- photographed one of my favorite tomati.......And here I am "desausted", as my daughter Marina used to say, and not having real meals for several days whilst moving...Thanks for the reminder that if all goes well, I can catch up with late season maters soon, beyond the zillion cherry ones sprawling in their beds at my new house.

I like the stitching along the seams. Maybe something was nipping at the tomato, and how nicely she closed it off. Tomato as heroine. I like my food with a little drama, a little backstory. Lovely tomato, lovely pic. Thanks for sharing.

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