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18 October 2006


I found you because another foodie blogger mentioned you. I have been a daily reader since. (You turned me on to braised leeks, BTW)

I started a baking business and was looking for blogs maintained by people in the industry.

Eventhough Eggbeater did not pop up in my Google searches, I landed here (so thankful that I did) from another food blog which contains your link.

I read your blog everyday.

I used to live in California. Now I live half way across the world in India, overdosing on mangoes!

I just discovered that if you search for food blogs and then "search within results" for baking, eggbeater pops us as the 2nd result.

Way to go.

Shuna you always deliver...
Count me in as a member of the Eggbeater fan club!

Shuna, you're many things, but "ordinary" and "chubby" you aren't.

The eggbeater found me. Maybe that's because I was hanging out in a bowl of milk, eggs, and flour.

OMG .. we should so have a meme on best nonsequitur Google searches that refer to our blogs. I'm always amazed.

But to be honest, I don't remember how I found you. You were just ... there.

If I were at work right now, I would be eating a cup cake..


I seem to remember you landing on my computer out of the ether. I can't quite remember a time when I wasn't reading Eggbeater, faithfully.

By the way, I read this post just after I put up my own on this very same topic. As I wrote in the last line to my amended post: Shunas and Shaunas -- they think alike.

LOL! I should have kept a record of the odd Google search terms that led people to my site. The one that sticks in my mind was "stuffed African babes" - urrrgh, I feel so violated!! ;-)

I don't remember exactly how I found your blog. I think I searched for "guanciale", after reading an article somewhere about traditional ingredients for spaghetti carbonara.

Being the gigantic Thomas Keller fanboy that I am, I found this lovely blog one day by searching Google for any information on the French Laundry or him that I could find. A blog post popped up containing the searched for terms, and I have been coming here ever since.

i found it searching for noyaux. love those apricot pits. love your writing, going through all of the old posts.

seth. you're lovely too-- thank you for spending such a grand amount of time with eggbeater. ~ shuna

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