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08 October 2006


How lucky you both were to have had each other. I'm so sorrry, Shuna.

Condolences to you, Patrick and everyone else who loved this fine soul. He sounds like a wonderful friend.

I am so sorry that you have lost your lovely Isaac. You have written a beautiful memorial for him.

oh gosh...shuna! words are never quite enough...hugs

That last photo really captures the playful innocence that only a dog can have. So sorry for your loss.

What a moving tribute. I'm so sorry you lost Isaac.

Beautiful words for a wise soul.

Hound heaven sounds like a lovely place. As a fellow friend of dogs, was touched by this lengthy tribute full of stories and sweet affection. I think you and Isaac were really able to "see" each other-that's a very special experience. Thanks for sharing.

So sorry you lost your friend. You've conveyed and memorialized his spirit in such a beautiful way. I can see he was a very special friend indeed.

How sad - my condolences to all who will miss Isaac. Losing a pet is always so hard because you feel as bereft as though you had lost a human friend - and yet society expects you to "put things in perspective" and somehow mourn in a lesser way. Society - what do they know!! I am glad you have so many special memories of Isaac - and what a beautiful trubute.

Godspeed, Isaac.

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