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29 October 2006


I think Paris is a hard place. What if you don't fall in love with it? I prefer the underdogs who some consider hard to love, but I consider teeming with real life. I think it is a mark of incredible self-possession to let go of an outdated dream. New dreams need room to grow.

While reading this post, I felt the time I got to the end, I realized that you might be smiling and hopeful looking forward to new adventures!
Funny, you mention Paris & Pressured in the same sentence....I haven't lived in Paris as a tourist for so many years....I 'live' in Paris.

Your writing always touches people!It is always touching!

...making space in your heart for things to happen...

As someone in grief right now, I am very grateful for your words here. Especially the last three lines.

I feel that I, too, am changing. I wonder what I'll be, in a while. If I manage to achieve half the grace you show in this post, I will be very, very thankful.


Your willingness to share these insights is amazing to me. Have you considered writing more? You do it so well...

Yes to the above. How about a book, a compilation of your beautiful wrtiting, thoughts and essays? Thankful and grateful for all that is you and in you.

A flavor becoming more itself.

Scary though it may be, it is beautiful and brave at the same time.

Thanks for letting us in on your journey.

(if I were eating dark chocolate at this moment--which I am not--I would put it down and say, "Oh, yes").

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