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06 October 2006


I always thought the macarons from La Durée couldn't be topped…until I tried Pierre Hermé's. They are unbelievably and inexplicably amazing, and your description conveys this perfectly! I finished the entire box sitting on a bench in front of the shop.

That is the BEST tribute I have ever read about him!


thanks for the expose

Whew, Honey, I had to fan myself. What a way to start the day! Certainly took the allure away from my pedestrian breakfast. Merci!

Wow. Wow!

My word!

Yes, yes, yes to all of the above! What a great tribute & I couldn't have put it better myself ;-) I discovered PH in June 2004 and it was a revelation. Yes, you CAN put those flavours together and yes it WILL taste great and oh my, the sensual pleasure verges on the obscene. I have been back twice since then and feel inordinately proud that I now have favourites amongst his regular flavours and no longer have to dash out with a pre-packed box before somebody rumbles me as an uninitiated newbie ;-) I will choose olive oil & vanilla every time, ditto the salted butter caramel and (when they have it) the pamplemousse & campari. Although I would kill for a bite of the foie gras one you mention... And good Lord, isn't the Isphahan beautiful?!


Thank you so much for extending this tribute with your own words! If I get the chance I will give the olive oil one another try... but oh how I miss the Rose like a lover I left behind...

Pierre Herme is a fabulous man, fabulous artist, fabulous character! And, god, I just want to eat that one with the pistachio cream and pink sprinkles. Thank you for the photos!

My wife and daughter returned from a week in Paris with a great gift for me ... A package of macarons from Pierre Herme. Not to sound overly enthusiastic about this, but I have never eaten anything like them ever before. Every flavor I tasted was incredible. Who would think of a combination of olive oil and vanilla? Passion fruit and milk chocolate, WOW! They really need to open up a store in New York ASAP!

someone help me make some..!! im craving.. and i duno how to make them =(((!! please =(

Greetings, Shuna!

You whisked me back to France and whetted my intellectual appetite. Yummy. I found your blog though Tuttifoodie, and have been spellbound for over two hours this morning. A delicious start to my day. I am a teacher of Literature, and a Canadian Foodie. I travel often. Open air markets and grocery stores are always on my itinerary. I will be back to this blog OFTEN. Thank you so much.

Referencing the French Macaroon, I have tried, and tried, and tried, and tried to make something close at home, but cannot seem to get it. I have a convection oven, and need some specific advice. Can write a very specific "how to" in you blog, and send me a copy?
On my knees... Valerie

Valerie, Thank you so much for spending your time here. I'm glad to hear there's much for you at Eggbeater. In terms of the French Macaron---- Find what you're looking for in Desserts Magazine. ~ Shuna

One of favorite books purchased in '08 was "Macaron" by the Man himself, PH.
He is The One"!

Yes, Pierre Hermé is the best. Many a time I have stood in line outside his shop near Saint Sulpice to buy just one macaron. But he does not make pomme et cannelle so when I get a craving for an apple cinnamon macaron I go to Gregory Renard Cacao and Macarons, 120 rue Saint-Dominque 75007, Metro: Ecole Militaire. As far as I know he is the only one who makes this flavor.

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