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23 October 2006


I had a few bites of a lovely walnut and ricotta cake at 1550 Hyde last night. It was wholesome and cheesecakey and rustic and it made my soul very happy.

I'd love to read the article, but I think subscribing to a regional publication for a place several thousand miles away that I've never been to is probably a little silly.

Although there's a reasonable chance I'll be moving to the region within the years, so I'll keep an eye out for future work.

I love Black Walnuts, although they're kind of a pain. I've never had any luck finding them for sale (although I must confessed I've never made a concerted effort), but I've always lived around the trees, which are beautiful enough the nuts are just an added bonus.

I enjoy your blog...I've been popping by here for a while. Thanks for linking my site.

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