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27 November 2006


You read my mind, Shuna Fish, I am currently concocting this year's recipe for pumpkin blintzes--what a great start. xoxo

Dear Shuna,

I have to write you a little love note of appreciation for all the glory you've given your readers -- your writing, your thinking, and yes, your recipes. Those I've tried have been amazing, which makes me look forward to having occasions to try all the others.

Thank you for the gift of a blog which continues to give me intellectual, emotional, aesthetic and purely gustatory pleasure.

Yay! Recipes!

I made an apple-raisin pie last night using your recipe for dessert pie crust for the very first time. It came out very well, even though I did not use a Kitchen Aid mixer as I own no such contraption, just a little two-beater, hand-held Oster which I ran at full-speed. Yeah, my arm got tired, but what are you going to do?

I used the dough as soon as I'd made it, but I think I will try making it in advance and freezing it first next time, as I think it will come out even better.

Thank you! That was the easiest pie crust I've ever made that actually tasted good. The ice water dribble/blend technique is gold.

I love that you write about the science and the why's and hows - my linear brain really likes that. And then I like how you go off on a tangent and write about nothing remotely scientific - or even food related sometimes :)

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