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06 November 2006


I would stay and read more but you've made me hungry so I think I'll go steal a pie.

i would LOVE to but am sadly going to miss each date. i might just have to fly back in late january if you're repeating pie crusts :)

I WANTS them ALL!!!

Oh, how I wish I could be there to take the class. It's probably for the best, since I couldn't eat your pies anyway. Have you experimented with any gluten-free crusts yet?

Then again, I'd be happy to stand in the corner and bring you water, my dear.

Glad to see you've taken up teaching with such gusto.
Beyond sharing knowledge & forming community...
It's a great way to know yourself (speaking as a teacher).
...wish I could take the pie class. I really need to know when it's time to shut off the mixer!

Oh how I'd love to come to one of your classes!! And pies sound soooo tempting. Just the small matter of a trans-Atlantic flight keeps me away ;-) Johanna and I were at a chocolate truffle-making class over the weekend and tut-tutted to each other when the trainer melted waterless sugar in the pan to make caramel: "Not what Shuna would recommend!". And so your wisdom is passed on...:-)

Wow...lots of classes...That´s fantastic.
Sadly, I´ll only be back in the States for the last one, so I may as well put in my bid for the class topic. I´d love a repeat of the caramel class, and if nobody else is interested, I´ve been dying to have someone teach a class on eggwhites...Souffles, meringues, angelfood cake...lots of things come to mind, but the essential technique and handling of the principle ingredients are what really interest me. Anyone else?

ohmygoodness...if only I didn't live in Oregon.

Oh wait...I'm tickled I live in Oregon. We've had an explosion of food awareness here. Restaurants with rooftop gardens to supply their kitchen, underground foodies hosting events in uncommon places (my fave was a glass blowing demonstration and then a 5 course dinner cooked in the glass firing kiln and eaten in the studio!), and many opportunities to try incredible new approaches to food.

That said, there aren't many classes outside of the culinary school available to us local foodies. Darn!

Again, while I wish I wasn't in Oregon because I would love to attend your classes, I should be thankful for the bounty I do have here. :-)

Best Wishes.

I am so there (and I'm trying to coerce my other half into going too)!

yuppieeeeeeeeeee. i am in definitely!!!!!!!!! for all of them!

"Have you started thinking about pie yet?"

Oh, please, does anyone ever really stop thinking about pie?

I'm beginning to think that today must be my personal cosmic pie day or something, because I ran across this in a banner ad somewhere else earlier:

Pie in the Sky

Is there a pie drive like this in your part of the country?

Thank you for your pumpkin pie recipe! I used it to make the first from-scratch pie I've attempted to make in years.

Sounds like fun - I wish I could be there!

Great class. I made my first apple pie yesterday bad things happened. It tastes great. Thank you. The dollop of homemade buttermilk ice cream probably didn't hurt :)

Hard to believe, but I haven't made pie since I took your pie dough class in December. I finally got back on the pie horse this week and made some Mighty Fine Apple Pie for my company's pie bake-off. It turned out great! I actually enjoyed the crust-making process because I'd taken your class and knew what good pie dough should feel and look like. The dough was easy to handle, and the crust turned out tender and flaky, just like it's supposed to be. Thank you! Your class was a worthwhile investment, for sure!

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