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24 November 2006


I didn't make my pie yesterday. Oof, too much food.
I didn't make it today. Oof, too full.
I'm making it tomorrow.
(Yeah, and then breakfast. Just not too much spices, I think.)
I could fall into your food.

I hate to be an idiot, but I'm back.
Your banner is the color of pumpkins.

Yup, I had leftover apple crisp for breakfast cuz it's just fruit and oats, right? It's GOOD for you!

As long as I make a cake from scratch [knowing what is in it] w/no icing [think bundt] my kids are welcome to have it for breakfast with a big glass of milk - As Bill Cosby said - "It has milk, eggs and flour in it - doesn't that make pancake too?" - So pumpkin pie is a delicious breakfast and even better than cake.
My MIL felt guilty b/c she ate my oyster dressing for breakfast and I asked her why...same response...but hey..bread, veggies, broth and oysters....I asked "Got Milk?"....

Nice blog...can't wait to read more!

I made a cheesecake instead of pie. But I am really wishing I had some pumpkin pie around the house right about now. I'll have to make some soon!

Hi Shuna,
Wow, eating pumpkin pie for breakfast sure runs in the family. I baked an extra one just for that purpose with a whole container of freshly whipped organic cream with fresh vanilla bean and just a tad of demarara sugar to go on it. And I had a great Thanksgiving dinner I didn't have to make for the first time in years, and the hostess made the best cranberry sauce with cardamon and other lovely spices. I ate just enough to feel good but not overly full. And I missed Susan so much and our Thanksgivings in Oceanside when everyone still lived close by. And I finshed another sweater! I'm glad you had a good holiday too.
Auntie Lorraine

Apple for me...YIPEE!!

I'm bookmarking your blog to read later...your pie looks amazing!

Lurking from NoBloPoMO...happy blogging.

I did my pumpkin pie today and I am so PROUD of it; definately one to write home about, crust and all!!
I followed your recipes and all the notes I took in class.
For the filling I used a sweet potato, a butternut squash and a Kabocha squash (truely the sweetest squash in the patch!!); so yummy!!
I know what I am having for breakfast in the morning!

my boyfriend and I baked your pumpkin pie for my family on Thursday - it was a massive hit! He had never had pumpkin pie before because he's English and he and my brothers devoured it - sadly there wasn't any left for breakfast! Next Thanksgiving we will make two of 'em!
pretty please (cherry on top) if you have a great recipe for oatmeal cookies (which i have a feeling you do) would you share it??

p.s. your blog is superb - it's my favorite - thank you for putting it out there/here!

my mom makes a no-crust pumpkin pie in the microwave. she's done this for years. she mixes all the usual suspects into a Corelle casserole dish and nukes it until it's done. and then she and i finish it in two days. it's not that we're not fans of pie crust, we're just particular about where we get our fat and calories from. ;-)

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