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20 November 2006


>The two corrugated conical pale pieces

Those are very likely to be Thelma Sanders Sweet Potato Pie squash. A farmer here in Santa Cruz county grew 80 (!) kind of squash and pumpkins and that was one of his favorites. When you cut open a Thelma Sanders squash, the cross-section is heart-shaped. How sweet is that?

The farmer, Steven Pedersen, sells at the Redman House farmstand, which is plainly visible from Highway 1 in Watsonville.

I so admire your skill in both cooking, language, and thoughtfulness.

Thank you.

Mmmm. How I love squash -- and your beautiful post, with all your squashy friends. For Thanksgiving, I'm making a creamy Delicata squash soup with no enhancement other than roasted shallots and parsley, no curry, no spices, since I want nothing to interfere with the sweet lusciousness of Delicata itself.

I'm still looking for Winter Luxury Pie Pumpkin here in the east, and hoping that I'll luck into some soon...

Thank you for the mini-tutorial. I know a street stand for picking up squash and now I have a few good ideas!

I can't keep my hands off squash, lately. The produce market near my house stocks a huge variety, which I've been sampling all fall. My favorite has been Sweet Dumpling - but sometimes the exact same squash is labled "Carnival". Do you know if these are one in the same, or is my market mis-labeling it? The one I'm talking about is mainly golden yellow, with some dark green accents. The consistency is amazing, and I haven't gotten much more creative with it than a simple oven-roasting with a bit of butter, molasses (or honey or maple syrup), and a pinch of good salt and cinnamon. Sometimes (usually) less is more.

Ah, how funny. I just went on and on about the kind of winter squash I use over at my own NaBloPoMo-ing blog yesterday, and then I came over here and saw this. It really is the season.

I will be sending one of my commenters who lives in Berkeley over to see this, and then hopefully Annabelle at the farmer's market. Cheers!

Oh my, this is fun. Sara sends me to the best places!

We had a vicarious squash adventure last year. A friend who'd just got a garden patch about the size of a dining table had thrown some squash guts onto it by way of instant compost. Suddenly next summer she had squash crowding her herbs, and she let it grow just to see what happened. She ended up with pear-shaped squash about six to ten inches long, with white skin and orange-yellow flesh. Lots of them. We took a few off her hands and baked them. They weren't exactly deep in flavor, but they worked just fine in curries. I suspect they were half-assed hybrids -- mongrels, I guess that would be -- and I wonder if they'd've improved either on the vine or in the pantry for a longer time.

They sure were pretty, though.

I'll go look up your friend Annabelle the minute I forgive the Ecology Center for throwing me away like a used Kleenex. At this point, alas, that farmers' market kinds kills my appetite. Does she sell somewhere else too?

Hello Ron,

Annabelle only sells her produce at the saturday Berk. FM because she has a very small plot at Star Route. I imagine if you'd like to drive, she'll sell to you from Bolinas, if you give her a call first.

Remember that, no matter the faults of the organization that puts on these markets, it is the farmer's who benefit from our patronage.

Believe me when I say this, as I have known much of the dirt CUESA's hands have been filthy with over the years.

She won't be there for much longer, so I hope you can get hold of some of her produce.

Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting. Eggbeater loves new voices!

Actually, Bolinas is handy to us in winter; we spend a lot of time birding on Point Reyes and Bolinas lagoon when the hawks and shorebirds and waterfowl have arrived. Maybe I will get in touch with her. Might be fun to write about some aspect of her work for the Chron.

That "kinds" up there should've been "kinda" of course. I expect I'll get over my snit eventually, though I hold a grudge like a true Mick. I still send people to the BFM; I just get the ughs when I get near it myself. Inconvenient, as I live within an easy walk.

Yeah: nonprofits, oy vey.

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