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14 December 2006


why do we want the same thing?

oh - and thank you!

Yeehaw! I'm so buying tickets for your classes!

I made a Kaboodle list for all the West Coast donations (still adding to it) and there is a cool slideshow plugin for blogs. You can see it on Kung Foodie, and if anyone wants to add it to their site I can email them the code.

Click here for the gift list!

Wow, Shuna. You hang back and act all coy then, kapow! you hit us with this amazingly generous prize. To think I was having trouble deciding before. Now what do I do?

Aw, too bad I'M totally going to win Ximena's services!

Yea, I won! Looking forward to the cooking class. Watch for me and the future pastry chef (aka Noah, age almost 16) learning how to be "eggbeaters."

Thanks for your generous prize.

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