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28 December 2006


I have used a machine just like this one before! It was one of the most useful tools at the first deli/bakery at which I ever worked. We called it The Chopper. It is useful for much more than mincing onions, too. I used to use it for lots of vegetables and herbs for bound salads, plus it's great for chopping nuts and dried fruit for big batches of cookies and quick breads.

You are right, you don't want to put any part of your hands beyond the guard. Rather than having lots of teeth it actually has a whirling blade much like a food processor's chopping blade, but vertically oriented. When you operate it you do have to hold your hand at the edge of the bowl to keep the food from crawling out.

I used to love emptying it. Instead of holding your hand in the direction the bowl turns, you hold your hand in the opposite direction with your fingers angled toward the middle and the food gracefully marches up the hill and leaps into an awaiting container below. Then you put in more things to be chopped. It's such a civilized machine.

I remember being surprised when I got to culinary school and the school didn't have one. I guess they are more rare than I'd thought.

Yup. I've used one too. We used it to chop mushrooms for ravioli filling. That's it. And I have also never seen it anywhere else. It really must be seen in person to fully understand. I wiah I had one in my kitchen to play with!

Calichef- I love the description of emptying it!

It's a buffalo chopper! We have one at CCSF and use it for everything, from mincing garlic to chopping meat and mushrooms for duxelle. It's an amazing machine.

While I love the magic and wonder of the affectionate names for this amazing machine - what is the technical case any of us want to share in the joy of it's creation.

Humph, I don't have one. I wonder of RonCo makes a pocket version?


It's a buffalo chopper, great power tool for volume food production; bread crumbs, mirepoix for tomato sauce, pates and meatloaf, process raw fish for quenelles, pounds of egg salad in SECONDS!!!... suprised to learn that one can be found at the Culinary Academy in SF, hmmmmm...learn those knife skills people, they must have alot of old equipment, you can bet that Charlie Trotter or Gary Danko won't have one of these around. I've worked with two sizes; at the Ritz-Carlton and a private retirement facility, guard the locking knob or the whole thing is can mix the entire meatloaf at one standing. Fresh bread and fresh herbs become herbed bread crumbs in seconds. And of course the onion prep. Their real beauty is how they transfer leftovers...leftover meatballs into bolognese sauce, 1/2 a tavern ham = ham salad, you get the idea...but come to think, the TRUE beauty is the extra time it created for your cigarette break...

THIS is why I love writing eggbeater! Because it's fantastically informative! And fun! And never ceases to amaze and delight with ideas and inspirations!

Thank you for great commentary! Well written conversation! A fantastic exchange!

Thank you all.

Wow! Great info. I wish, I could have such a writing skills.

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