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11 December 2006


Shuna, you are describing most small companies in America, not just restaurants. Healthcare premiums can easily top $1000 per month per employee, and that's when you can get coverage at all.

It's unfortunate that we need tragic events to start getting the public to think about the plight of the restaurant workers. Advocates in New York City are taking on creative strategies to encourage restaurants to pay their workers higher wages. I'm currently working with Wage to Live (, a newly formed conscientious consumption campaign that will soon start certifying restaurants that comply with set wage standards. We are confident that by helping consumers identify restaurants that are striving to pay their workers well, we can spread awareness throughout the public and bring about change in the industry. While providing living wages and health benefits may be expensive now, hopefully consumer demand for these things will make it easier for restaurateurs to simultaneously care for their workers and run successful businesses.

I find it amazing that the resturant industy is able to get away with the things they do. The hours they force employees to work and at low rates that seem to reek of third world countries. The fast food industry seems to be the worst of all.

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